Founded in Sivas in 2020, NETGREEN Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Inc. It has succeeded to be one of the leading projects in its field with "Soilless Agriculture Greenhouse". We produce more hygienic, more delicious and healthier products for the consumer with the system where volcanic rocks are used instead of soil, and various minerals and water are injected into the plant with materials called rock wool or perlite.



40.000 m²

Production Area

2.500 tons

Production Capacity



Why Modern Greenhouse?

NETGREEN Agriculture and Livestock Inc. It carries out its production with modern, latest technology tools.

Maximum Food Safety

Our greenhouse is based on semi-enclosed cultivation using extreme pressure and grate air inlet and outlet. In this way, effective pest control and lower disease levels are ensured and residue-free cultivation is possible. The result is maximum food safety.

State-of-the-Art Product Collection, Transport and Storage

Products are collected by state-of-the-art vehicles and transported to our warehouses with appropriate temperatures and stored in a safe and hygienic manner.

Optimum Energy Efficiency and Minimum CO2 Consumption

Energy-efficient fans, dehumidification using warm outdoor air, heating using low-value heat, longer use of energy panels are features of Ultra-Clima. Like an important fertilizer, CO2 is vital for optimum crop production. Ultra-Clima uses this much more effectively than traditional greenhouses. Thus, significant reductions in energy consumption and CO2 emissions are achieved.

High Production, Production Quality, Predictability

In modern greenhouses, the advantage of continuous production under suitable conditions in every period of the year offers high production capacity, quality production and predictability.

Efficient Water Usage, Low Nutrient Loss

Fresh water is becoming a scarce resource. Our ultra-Clima greenhouse offers extremely high water return. Irrigation water recycling (including fertilizer), condensation and rainwater recovery are essential components of the Ultra-Clima concept.

Low Production Cost

The combination of optimum energy efficiency, minimum carbon dioxide consumption, efficient water use, high production capacity, quality production, predictability reveals low production costs.